What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

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Almost everyone knows about the ill effects of traditional cigarette smoking.People now have started realizing that smoking cigarettes is extremely injurious for their health but still most of the smokers cannot quit smoking due to various reasons. Traditional cigarette smoking causes various life threatening diseases like heart attacks, lung cancer, oral cancer etc.In this world where pollution is a common issue for almost all the countries, cigarette smoking is one of the greatest polluting agents of the world.In this context the advent of e cigs have been accepted by the world gladly. E cigs have emerged in the market as a savior of the mankind.Smokers are rapidly switching their smoking habit to e cigs. But smokers are still skeptical about the economic benefit of the e cigs.

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Still now some section of smokers think that e cigs are costly propositions than traditional cigarettes. This fallacy can be easily eradicated if people start evaluating the economic benefits of e cigs in the longer run. The e cigs are actually much cheaper option of smoking compared to traditional cigarettes. Smokers only need to make an initial investment of buying the starter kit and the rest will automatically fall in place.In this market there are so many brands selling e cigs but when judged on the basis of flexibility, simplicity and affordability, V2 e cigs are the best option. V2 generally offers its products at quite reasonable price and on the top of that they have introduced V2cigs coupon codes to make the option even cheaper. People now can easily buy V2 e cigs at extremely reasonable price.

Details of V2 e cigs

V2 e cigs are the simplest form of e cigs.These e cigs are extremely user friendly.These e cigs work on the basis of three basic parts, battery, atomizer and cartridge.The e liquids are available in different flavors

Smokers are also offered with the flexibility of choosing their desired nicotine consumption level because V2 provides the smokers the option of four different nicotine strengths.The batteries are also available in two varieties, manual and automatic batteries.Smokers get plenty options in choosing their starter kits also.

Specification of V2 e-cig coupon codes

Smokers thinking of switching to V2 e cigs or planning to buy or replace an accessory can easily place their order online 24/7. These coupon codes can be used at the time of purchasing the product.

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Why V2 e-cig coupon codes are so popular
The coupon codes from the house of V2 offers numbers of advantages to the customers. Few more advantages or benefits are discussed below:
Can be availed while purchasing any type of V2 product
Coupon codes can be used on their website 24/7
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Customers without hesitating about the price of the product can easily start purchasing e cigs, which is healthier smoking option

It is basically a device that can stimulate the experience of smoking a cigarette. The best electronic cigarette can produce the mist like smoke of the real thing. More popularly known as e-cigarette, it can also produce the flavor as well as nicotine content of an authentic tobacco minus the odor. The mechanism of this particular electrical gadget works in the same way as a humidifier or even a nebulizer.

The idea of creating an electronic device that can mimic the feel and effects of smoking a cigarette but without the harmful effects was first develop during the 1960s. During that time however, most people did not consider smoking as harmful to one’s health and it was not technologically feasible at that time to produce such a device. It is only in the early 21st century that a working model has been created. As of the present, the electronic cigarette is available in various models, shapes, appearance and brands. You also get to choose the flavor of your artificial cigarette. Some manufacturers even claim that they can sell you an e-cigarette that tastes and smells just like your favorite brand.

Most electronic cigarette models are small or portable and cylindrically shaped like a ballpoint pen or marker. A lot of people would think that the best electronic cigarette should at least look like a cigarette, cigar or even a pipe. The good news is that many of these e-cigarettes really do look authentic and resembles your favorite cigarette or cigar. A lot of these electronic cigarettes are reusable, replacement parts are easy to find and affordable. However, there are also some available models that are disposable.

This particular device is not a toy but is in fact a tool that many people have come to depend on. The electronic cigarette is viewed as a harmless alternative to smokers who want to quit smoking but are unable to because the addiction is too great to resist. The best electronic cigarette should help a person stimulate the act of smoking a cigarette but without getting the harmful side effects of smoking a real cigarette or any tobacco product. This is the primary reason why it was invented, to help people overcome their smoking addiction. Some critics however, have voiced their concern about the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette. Since this kind of product only became available to the market recently, there are very few studies made about the benefits or possible short term and long term effects of the electronic cigarette. But the fact that it has become popular in such a short time means that many smokers are using this kind of devices to alleviate their smoking addiction.

Smoking tobacco product is a health issue affecting millions of people today. A lot of these people want to quit smoking but are unable to do so because of the strong urge to light a cigarette and inhale its smokes. That is why the electronic cigarette is an invention welcomed by many smokers who want to stopped smoking and start living a much healthier lifestyle.

V2 vapor – The feeling of ecstasy

Electronic cigarettes have come into the market as a boon for the smokers.These e cigs are healthier and safer smoking option.Now smokers can continue with their habit of smoking without worrying about the side effects and polluting effects.Researches and surveys have already revealed about the ill effects of cigarette smoking.It is a proven fact that tobacco cigarettes are the major cause for the preventable deaths daily all over the world.The poisonous chemicals are capable of causing serious diseases and most of these chemicals are carcinogenic.
Tobacco causes various heart diseases, lung diseases, cancer etc.Number of cases where people die due to cigarette smoking surpasses the consolidated number of deaths due to other reasons like road accidents, suicide etc.So, due to these reasons the smokers have preferred to switch to the safer smoking option in the form of e cigs.There are many e cigs brands available in the market but amongst all these brands V2 is the most popular and customer friendly brand.They have been the market leader in the e cig industry since a long time.Smokers have liked the e cigs from V2 enormously.

V2 e cigs and the V2 vapor

V2 e cigs work on the basis of three components.The three very important parts of e cigs are batteries, atomizers and cartridges.The battery supplies the power for the atomizer to heat up the liquid stored within the cartridges and as the e liquid heats up, it produces the vapor for the smokers’ inhalation E cigs do not produce any real smoke like normal cigarettes, but still the smokers are not deprived from the thrill of smoking.For the matter of fact smokers are now able to enjoy better and thick vapor which will be flavored as well.The amount of vapor might vary as per the smokers’ choice of the battery.

Manual batteries produces thick vapor while the automatic vapor helps the smoker to feel as if they are smoking a normal cigarette only. The vapor produced by the V2 e cigs is not at all harmful for the smokers’ health.In traditional cigarettes the smoke produced contains harmful gas like carbon monoxide and it causes harm to smokers as well as passive non-smokers.But in case of e cigs it does not happen and smoker now can smoke anywhere they like because they inhale and exhale the vapor not the real smoke without polluting the environment.V2 e cigs are truly excellent in terms of their affordability and flexibility.

Benefits of V2 vapor

In many ways vapor concept of e cigs can be beneficial for the smokers.
There are multiple benefits attached along with the e cigs.

Does not contain harmful chemicals and gases

Do not produce real smoke and the vapor can be inhaled in public as well

V2 e cigs vapor is best in terms of quality and volume

E cig vapor can be inhaled along with the preferred choice of flavor

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An overview of the vapor cigarette

A vapor cigarette is an electronic device similar to a traditional cigarette that delivers nicotine or non-nicotine in controlled amounts through a cartridge.It uses a revolutionary new technology through an atomizer that heats up the liquid in the cartridge turning it into waterless and smokeless vapor.
This new innovation may be new to some people and the best way to understand all about the electronic cigarette, is understanding the parts and various terms used.

Common terms and parts

Familiarizing yourself with the terms used ensures that you get a better understanding of the new innovation before venturing into its use.
Here is a list of the most common terms used and parts that are important to understand.


Starter kits

Atomizers and cartomizers

E-cig cartridges


E-cig chargers and USB cables

Detailed information

The e-cigarette is an electronic smoking product comprising of an atomizer, a rechargeable battery and cartridge which contains the e-liquid that produces vapor.Other common terms for the e-cigarette are smokeless cigarette, vapor cigarette and e-cigs.All these terms mean the same thing therefore should not cause any confusion.
Disposable electronic cigarettes are those that come with a sealed unit that contains a non-rechargeable battery and non-removable atomizer and cartridge.They only last for a short period of time mostly between 2 or 3 regular tobacco packs then disposed off.
Electronic cigarette starter kits are ready made e-cig kits that come with everything that a smoker needs.They often come with a number of products and accessories making it easy for users to start smoking.
A kit often comes with two rechargeable manual or automatic batteries, different types of chargers designed to be used almost anywhere, a few refill cartridges or cartomizers and a detailed user manual to help beginners.Some kits may come with a special collection of branded e-liquid for your specific e-cig.
A vapor cigarette atomizer is a heating element that gets heated up through the charged battery turning the e-liquid into vapor.Cartomizers are the same only that they are sealed containing the e-liquid, the atomizer and mouth piece and are disposed off once depleted.They are best for beginners and those busy people who are always on the go due to their ease of use.
E-liquid is the nicotine or non-nicotine flavored fluid contained in the cartridges.They come in different flavors and can be bought separately in bottles for refilling the cartridges when fluid is low.
Chargers are often available in different types and used in different ways.You can get mains power supply chargers, car chargers and USB chargers to charge your electronic cigarette using your computer.Some companies have come up with unique personal charging cases that come with larger rechargeable batteries.
These are usually charged once lasting up to a week and used to charge your vapor cigarette batteries while on the move.This is a good solution especially for those people who have little time to wait for full charging or live busy lives.